High Growth / Early Stage

Our 'High Growth' clients are typically early stage businesses and often, although not always, have a disruptive technology aspect. With all High Growth opportunities, we focus heavily on the management team, progress achieved, the uniqueness of the technology, size of market opportunity, ability to scale and the quality of the client profile and pipeline and associated revenues. Many of our early stage clients have used founder and seed funding to achieve initial proof of concept and to demonstrate commercial viability but require additional capital to attain the scale required to prove that they can evolve into sustainable businesses with rapidly increasing value. this is a stage where we typically find we can add significant value through appropriate financing.

Selected Recent Transactions for High Growth Clients:

High Growth Transactions

Real Estate

Our capabilities in real estate span a wide range of physical real estate assets from structured real estate assets to residential and commercial mortgage businesses. Our expertise in real estate assets includes residential, commercial, hospitality and development. Many of our real estate clients have high growth potential. We seek to combine a corporate finance led approach with asset and credit expertise to maximise both upfront and long term value for our clients, using well constructed transaction structures to appropriately manage risk and return.

Selected Recent Real Estate and Related Transactions closed by NAC:

Real Estate Transactions